Saturday, 27 August 2016

No to Sanctions! No to War!

By New Worker correspondent

Solidarity activists were out in force on Tuesday 23rd August, scoring a double-whammy with afternoon protest pickets outside both the puppet south Korean embassy in Westminster and the centre of US imperialism in Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square.
outside the puppet south Korean embassy
New Communist Party (NCP) leader Andy Brooks and other London comrades joined Korean Friendship activists at both pickets called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) to protest against the current US war-games in occupied south Korea and to denounce the recent wave of arrests of trade union militants by the puppet regime in Seoul. 
Dermot Hudson, UK KFA chair, took the mike to denounce US imperialism and its local south Korean lackeys for ratcheting up tension on the Korean peninsula and threatening world peace with the deployment of THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defence] missiles that clearly threatened the security of Russia and People’s China.
and then to Grosvenor Square
After an hour outside the south Korean embassy the picket moved on to the West End to continue the demonstration outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square.  A number of passers-by joined in discussions with the pickets and took photos of the banners – and one Arab tourist from the Gulf joined the protesters in solidarity with their progressive demands! 

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