Friday, 13 October 2017

Salute to Korean communists

by New Worker correspondent
Song Gi Kim, Michael Chant and Dermot Hudson
COMRADES and friends met to celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea at a Friends of Korea meeting at the John Buckle Centre in south London on Monday.
Song Gi Kim from the Democratic Korean embassy in London, Michael Chant from the RCPB(ML) and Dermot Hudson from the Korean Friendship Association all spoke about the historic role of the Korean communist movement in the liberation struggle against Japanese colonial rule, and the subsequent battles to defeat American imperialism and build the modern socialist republic of today.
The Co-ordinating Committee of the Friends of Korea brings together all the major movements active in Korean friendship and solidarity work in Britain today. It is chaired by Andy Brooks and the secretary is Michael Chant. The committee organises meetings throughout the year, which are publicised by the supporting movements and on the Friends of Korea website.

Friday, 6 October 2017

US Out of Korea!

Andy Brooks with picketers outside the embassy

 By New Worker correspondent

NCP leader Andy Brooks joined other Korean solidarity activists protesting outside the centre of US imperialism in London last weekend. London comrades and members of the
British section of the Italian Communist Party gave out leaflets calling for solidarity with Democratic Korea (DPRK) outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square.
The Saturday afternoon picket was called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) to denounce the latest threats from the chief American warlord, Donald Trump, that have taken the world to the brink of a new Korean war.
KFA Chair Dermot Hudson took the mike to say: “Not only is the independence of the DPRK being threatened, but peace in Asia and the Pacific region is being undermined by constant US threats and warmongering. The DPRK’s nuclear deterrent is not a threat to peace, but is to defend the independence and socialist system of the DPRK against US aggression and warmongering. The US has on several occasions considered the use of nuclear weapons against the DPRK and keeps 1,000 nuclear weapons in south Korea”
The KFA holds monthly meetings and protest pickets in London throughout the year in support of the struggling people of south Korea and in solidarity with the DPRK in the north.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

No Nuclear War over Korea!

By New Worker correspondent

London comrades joined anti-war campaigners in Whitehall calling for peace on the Korean peninsula last week. Around 200 protesters gathered opposite Downing Street to hear speakers from the Stop the War Coalition and other peace campaigners call for negotiations to end the tension over the nuclear issue in Korea that could easily trigger a nuclear war.
CND and Stop the War movement activists called on the British Government to reject a military solution to the conflict and urgently use its influence to press for all involved to avoid and refrain from further provocative rhetoric or military exercises and tests.