Monday, 20 June 2022

Solidarity in the West Country

by New Worker correspondent

Korean solidarity activists returned to Taunton last month for a seminar at the Memorial Hall in Taunton on 28th May. Alan Bolon who has worked hard building the Korean Friendship Association’s presence in the West spoke on the role of the Workers Party of Korea and KFA Chair Dermot Hudson addressed the meeting on the subject of "Defending People's Korea -exposing the lies of the mainstream media”. The guest of honour was the head of the KFA in the Netherlands who had travelled to the UK to strengthen the work of both associations on international Korean solidarity campaigns.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Down with the BBC!

 By New Worker correspondent

NCP leader Andy Brooks joined other Korean solidarity campaigners outside BBC headquarters in London last weekend to protest at the ongoing bias of the state-owned broadcaster.
    The protest picket outside Broadcasting House called by the Korean Friendship Association highlighted “the continual ideological attack by the media representatives of world imperialism of which the BBC is part of. This tax-payer funded entity has lied and distorted the truth for decades. It lied about the Iraq war, it lied about imperialism’s attack on Yugoslavia, it lied about Syria’s war against imperialist backed terrorists, it is lying about the situation in Ukraine. They cannot be trusted…simple as that”.
    KFA Chair Dermot Hudson Chairman of KFA said: “The BBC, which is known to progressive people as the British Brainwashing Corporation has consistently lied about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Its coverage of the DPRK is one sided and exaggerated to say the least. On several occasions BBC reporters have used tricks and subterfuges to enter the DPRK .
    “The BBC has taken upon itself the role of a shock brigade in the propaganda war against People’s Korea. The BBC is a state broadcaster closely linked to British imperialism and US imperialism... what is disgusting is that not only does the BBC lie about People’s Korea but it expects us to pay for its lies in the form of the BBC licence fee” and concluded “We, the Korean Friendship Association of the UK,believe in defending People’s Korea with no ifs or buts”.

Monday, 18 April 2022

A pillar of the communist movement

by Andy Brooks
Kim Il Sung at a victory rally in October 1945
The New Communist Party joined millions of Koreans and millions more throughout the world communist movement in celebrating the life and times of Kim Il Sung this week. The great leader of the Korean revolution was born on 15th April 1912 and his birthday has long been celebrated as the Day of the Sun in Democratic Korea and by everyone who stands by the DPR Korea .
    Kim Il Sung’s life spanned most of the 20th century. He led the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for nearly 50 years. He was giant of the international communist movement and an international statesman of great renown. During his life he met Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ché Guevara, Tito, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Hafez al Assad and Sukarno and many other Third World leaders as well as western politicians including former US president Jimmy Carter.
    Kim Il Sung dedicated his life to the emancipation of the Korean people, which he did until his last breath in 1994. He was a fighter, a thinker and a leader who developed and advanced Marxist-Leninist theory and led the struggle against Japanese colonialism and US aggression.
    Kim Il Sung was an outstanding communist whose name will forever be remembered as the founder of the modern Korean communist movement that began amongst the patriotic youth of Korea when he was a student in the 1920s.
    Kim Il Sung founded the communist movement that liberated the country from Japanese colonialism, defeated the might of US-led imperialism in the Korean War and led the drive to build the modern, socialist republic that exists today in the north of the divided peninsula.
    Kim Il Sung was a great commander in war and a great leader in peace. He led the people’s government in the north of Korea, so brutally partitioned by imperialism, that led the people in the mass struggle to build a new life after they had won their freedom in 1945.
    The Workers’ Party of Korea, with Kim Il Sung at the helm, led the battle for land reform, education and socialist construction in the 1950s and 60s and then pushed forward on the engineering, technical and scientific fronts to raise living standards and the quality of life for the millions of workers and peasants who had fought for a better tomorrow.
    Kim Il Sung not only grasped Marxism-Leninism but he applied it to the concrete conditions of the Korean people. He knew that once the masses realised their own strength they would become unstoppable. He knew that serving the people was the be-all and end-all for the Korean communists. He developed Korean style socialism and the Juché idea – which elevates the philosophical principles of Marxism-Leninism as well as its economic theories – and focuses on the development of each individual worker, who can only be truly free as part of the collective will of the masses.
    Kim Il Sung sadly passed away in 1994 but his successors are following his footsteps and now with Kim Jong Un at the helm the Korean people are marching into the 21st century to build a modern socialist republic, where every individual worker is master of his or her destiny.

Monday, 11 April 2022

Remembering a great Korean


Andy Brooks speaking
by New Worker correspondent

Friends of Korea gathered last weekend to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of great leader Kim Il Sung, at a meeting at the Chadswell Centre called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA).
    The meeting began with the Song of General Kim Il Sung and an introduction by Dermot Hudson, the KFA Chair, on the importance of the life of the Korean revolutionary leader who led the guerrilla movement that fought the Japanese imperialism which occupied the Korean peninsula until their defeat in 1945, and later beat back the American horde and their lackeys during the Korean war in the 1950s.
    NCP leader Andy Brooks recalled the time he met Kim Il Sung in 1990 when the New Communist Party established fraternal relations with the Workers Party of Korea (WPK). Keith Bennett, a veteran Korean solidarity campaigner, spoke about Kim Il Sung’s life-long work with national non-aligned countries and the world communist movement.
    Messages were received from the London embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the RCPB (ML), and the meeting ended with the showing of a film about the life of the Korean leader.

Monday, 14 March 2022

Solidarity at the Casa

Peter Hendy speaking
by New Worker correspondent

Korean solidarity campaigners held their first public meeting in Liverpool for nearly five years when they returned to the Casa Bar to hear Dermot Hudson and Peter Hendy talk about the developments on the Korean peninsula last month. Despite the cold and windy weather and attention being focussed on the Ukraine crisis people still came to the meeting called by the Korean Friendship Association on 24th February.
    Peter opened the meeting by reminding people of the intense hostility by the US towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK ) which included wqr and sanctions while Dermot talked about the work of the KFA in building solidarity with Democratic Korea at home and abroad.
    The bar is run by the Community Advice Service Association (CASA) – a membership based organisation set-up by the former Liverpool dockers following their epic 28 month long struggle of the Liverpool dockers who were sacked when they refused to cross a picket line in 1995.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

The U.S. Should Not Shake International Peace and Stability

 by Ri Ji Song

Researcher, Society for International Politics Study
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The greatest danger the world is now faced with is high-handedness and arbitrariness of the United States and its vassal forces that are shaking international peace and stability at the basis.
    The US unilateral and unfair cold war mentality and its bloc-forming external policy make the structure of international relations be transformed into the one of a new cold war, and they strain politico-military situations with each passing day and continue to spawn new knotty problems in different parts of the world.
    In retrospect, the outbreak of the two rounds of the World Wars which brought horrendous calamities and pains of loss originates from the greed of imperialism, and the wars, big and small, on earth in the last century are related, without exception, to the moves of the imperialists to interfere in the internal affairs of others.
    In particular, the air raid conducted by NATO against Yugoslavia at the end of last century served as an occasion of bringing to light the extent of the U.S. and Western hypocrisy in their much-touted global peace and stability, territorial integrity and safeguarding of sovereignty as well as of exposing in all its nakedness who is the real destroyer of international peace and stability.
    The Iraqi war, the Afghan War and other “colour revolutions” which brought the tragedy of 21th century clearly substantiate the fact that the U.S. and the West would seek their policies of hegemony by fair means or foul.
    The present international order is that it has become an immutable law that seeds of discord are sown in every region and country where the U.S. intervenes, and that the relations between the states deteriorate.
    The root cause of the Ukrainian crisis also lies in the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the U.S. which has held on solely to the unilateral sanction and pressure while pursuing only global hegemony and military supremacy in disregard of the legitimate demand of Russia for its security.
    It is not without reason that the international media and experts comment that the contributing factor to the Ukrainian crisis is the imbalance of power in Europe due to the unilateral expansion of NATO and its threat as well as the grave threat to the national security of Russia.
    The U.S embellishes its own interference in internal affairs of others as “righteous” for peace and stability of the world, but it denounces for no good reason self-defensive measures taken by other countries to ensure their own national security as “injustice” and “provocation” - this is just the arrogance of the U.S. style and its double standard.
    Gone are the days when the U.S. used to reign supreme. The U.S., seeing through the trend of the present times, should no longer resort to high-handedness and arbitrariness that disturb international peace and stability.

26th February 2022

Friday, 11 March 2022

DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Ukraine

28th February 2022

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on February 28, as the U.S. piles up sanctions and pressure against Russia with the Ukrainian crisis as a momentum.
    As it became known, the situation of Ukraine is now drawing the attention of the international society.
The root cause of the Ukraine crisis totally lies in the hegemonic policy of the U.S. and the West which indulge themselves in high-handedness and arbitrariness towards other countries.
    The U.S. and the West, in defiance of Russia's reasonable and just demand to provide it with legal guarantee for security, have systematically undermined the security environment of Europe by becoming more blatant in their attempts to deploy attack weapon system while defiantly pursuing NATO's eastward expansion.
    The U.S and the West, having devastated Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, are mouthing phrases about "respect for sovereignty" and "territorial integrity" over the Ukrainian situation which was detonated by themselves. That does not stand to reason at all.
    The greatest danger the world faces now is high-handedness and arbitrariness by the U.S. and its followers that are shaking international peace and stability at the basis.
       The reality proves positive once again that peace would never settle on the world at any time as long as there remains the unilateral and double-dealing policy of the U.S. which threatens peace and security of the sovereign state.