Saturday, 27 August 2016

Day of Liberation

Dermot Hudson and Andy Brooks
by New Worker   correspondent
Friends of the Korean people met in central London last weekend to celebrate Songun Day and the liberation of Korea by the Korean People’s Army commanded by great leader Kim Il Sung.
The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) meeting, at the Chadswell Centre on 20th August, was opened by Dermot Hudson and followed by keynote openings from Alexander Meads and Professor Harish Gupta, the director general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea and head of the Asian Regional Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea.
            Alexander outlined the history of the Korean people’s struggle against Japanese colonialism that saw the birth of the communist movement led by Kim Il Sung and the communist-led guerilla war that ended in victory in 1945.
   Prof Gupta stressed the importance of the armed forces in his talk, saying that "the great leader President Kim Il Sung charted out the path of the Korean revolution in a meeting held in Kalun, China from 30th June–2nd July 1930. He exhorted the importance of strong armed forces. He advocated the principle of giving importance to arms in the revolutionary struggle of the masses – the core of the Songun idea. This meeting has special significance in the history of Korea because the idea of Songun politics was floated for the very first time. Thus the Songun idea, which elucidated the way for realising the masses’ independence by force of arms at the centre of consideration, was created as a revolutionary theory based on Juche philosophy.”
            Needless to say, the breaking news about the traitor Thae Yong Ho was a hot topic for discussion. Andy Brooks, the leader of the New Communist Party (NCP), said that the Korean revolution would continue and would not be defeated by the actions of one traitor. Andy stressed that the Democratic People#s Republic of Korea (DPRK), as well as the KFA and other friends of Korea, are on the front-line and we must not forget this.
 The KFA Communications Secretary Daniel Braggins read out a statement from the Korean Central News Agency denouncing Thae’s treachery – a view shared by everyone in the hall and reflected in a letter condemning the treachery of the former Korean diplomat, which was unanimously endorsed, together with a solidarity message to Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the close of the session.

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