Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Liverpool solidarity for Korea

By New Worker correspondent
Dermot speaking
Korean solidarity activists met in Liverpool last week to hear a report on the current situation in the US-occupied south of the country and discuss future solidarity work in Merseyside and the North West.
 The meeting, called by the UK Korean Friendship Association (KFA) in Liverpool was opened by Dermot Hudson, the KFA’s national chair, who said the south Korean puppet regime was the most corrupt state in the entire world.  He pointed out that "the south Korean fascist regime throws people of various circles in south Korea aspiring after social progress, reform and reunification behind bars on charges of violation of the "Security Law" labelling them "the forces following the north" and "the forces against social system" and cracked down on the peaceful rallies and demonstrations of the people demanding vital rights by terming them "illegal." The privileged and the rich who account for just one per cent of the population in south Korea treat the toiling masses holding 99 per cent of it as dogs and pigs, he said.
The meeting, on Tuesday 22nd  November, also heard a report from a British delegate who went to the recent KFA International Meeting in Dublin that was attended by KFA delegations from many other countries.

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