Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Celebrating Korea’s victory over imperialism

By New Worker correspondent
FRIENDS and comrades marked the 62nd anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War in London on Saturday 18th July. The meeting, called by the Korean Friendship Association and the Juché Idea Study Group heard an opening from Dermot Hudson of the KFA and a report-back of a recent trip to the DPR Korea by Shaun Pickford.
Dermot Hudson said: "The Fatherland Liberation War referred to as the Korean War in the imperialist countries was provoked by the US imperialists on 25th June 1950 and lasted three years. It was a most intense war, one of the fiercest wars of the 20th century. Indeed it was a third world war in miniature in which the two systems in the world, capitalism and socialism fought each other.
“The  US imperialists along with troops from 15 of their vassal states attempted to destroy the young Democratic People's Republic of Korea in its cradle, an obscene and barbarous war in which a big power and its minions tried to pulverise into submission a small country.”
 Dermot also spoke about the 21st anniversary of the demise of great leader President Kim Il Sung: "President Kim Il Sung was a great man, a great leader, a great philosopher who created the Juché Idea and authored the Songun idea.
“He wrote over 1,800 works,  and was the father of modern Korea, indeed Korea is the Kim Il Sung nation. He was respected as one of the outstanding leaders of the international communist and working class movement.”
Shaun Pickford said: “I was able to return to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea after an interval of three years and saw immense improvements in the cultural and living standards of the Korean People. All the progress that is being realised in the DPRK, is based on socialist principles and self-reliance.
“The Supreme Leader of the DPRK, Marshal Kim Jong Un, is working continuously for the welfare of the Korean people and spares nothing for the well-being of the workers, farmers and intellectuals. Such a leader as Kim Jong Un, cannot be found elsewhere in the world, as the DPRK leader is always putting the people first in everything”.
The meeting also received a message from Cllr Damien Biggs, East of England regional party secretary and National Executive Committee member of the Socialist Labour Party.
A very lively discussion followed with questions and answers and concluded with the adoption of a solidarity message to DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.

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