Friday, 28 November 2014

DPRK defending socialism

by New Worker correspondent
New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks welcomed comrades and friends to the Party Centre last week for the third in a series of seminars called by the NCP and the Juché Idea Study Group on Juché and Songun politics that are the basis of Korean-style socialism.
Kim Jong Il led the Workers Party of Korea for 17 years in overcoming natural disasters, imperialist blockade and the constant double-dealing and threats of war from the Americans. He worked tirelessly for the Party and the people of Democratic Korea till his last days in December 2011. Kim Jong Il told the world to “expect no change from me” after  great leader Kim Il Sung passed away and he went on to lead the strong and defiant socialist republic into the 21st century and the atomic age while developing the theoretical basis of Korean-style socialism.
Kim Jong Il made powerful contributions to the development of the Juché idea including Abuses of Socialism are Intolerable and Socialism is a Science, published in the early 1990s when whole sections of the international communist movement were wavering following the counter-revolutions in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe.
            And this was the theme of the joint mini-seminar held to discuss a key-note work by leader Kim Jong Un on Juché and Kim Jong Il’s immense contribution to the Korean communist movement.
It began with the screening of the DPRK documentary Admiration for Songun Politics that was followed openings from Dermot Hudson of the Juché Idea Study Group of England and John McLeod from the Socialist Labour Party on Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il’s works and its relevance to communists all over the world.
Everyone at the seminar had visited the DPRK and everyone shared their experience during the discussion which included memories of the historic World Federation of Youth and Students that was held in Pyongyang in July 1989 and a report on the recent meeting of the Korean Friendship Association in Belgium.
Today First Secretary Kim Jong Un is following the footsteps of those who came before him in striving to peacefully re-unify the Korean peninsula so brutally partitioned by US imperialism, strengthen the armed forces that are the ultimate guarantee of the independence and freedom of the people of Democratic Korea and ensure the health, education and well-being of every citizen in the DPRK. Still under constant threat from US imperialism and its lackeys it is even more important than ever to support the DPR Korea.

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