Thursday, 23 June 2016

Free the Korean waitresses!

Andy Brooks, Dermot Hudson and other comrades at the picket
by New Worker correspondent
New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks joined other comrades outside the south Korean embassy in London last week to demand the release of 12 young north Korean waitresses working in China who were tricked into flying to south Korea in April. They are now being held, against their will, by the puppet regime. The DPR Korea Red Cross has asked that they be sent back or at least allowed to meet their parents and families either at the Panmunjom armistice line crossing point centre or in  Seoul, the south Korean capital. This has been rejected by the puppet regime which is holding the waitresses in detention while claiming that they are “defectors”.
            The picket was called by the Korean Friendship Association and the NCP to draw attention to the latest human rights abuses of the Seoul regime that is propped up by American bayonets and oversees the exploitation of south Korea on behalf of US imperialism.
            KFA Chair Dermot Hudson said the abductions were “another horrendous and vile crime by the south Korean fascist puppets whose mere existence is a blight on humanity! The south Korean puppets are spreading all sorts of dirty lies to cover up their massive crime”.

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