Monday, 25 March 2013

Defend Democratic Korea!

Andy Brooks makes a point

by New Worker correspondent
Comrades and friends denounced the latest provocations of US imperialism at a solidarity meeting in central London last Saturday evening organised by the UK Korean Friendship Association (KFA). Dermot Hudson, the KFA’s official delegate in Britain, opened the discussion on the latest imperialist moves against Democratic Korea which include new United Nations economic sanctions against the DPR Korea and provocative war-games in the occupied south designed to rack up tension on the Korean peninsula. And NCP leader Andy Brooks spoke about the need to mobilise support for socialist Korea in Britain and condemn British involvement in the current US military exercises and deployment of the air power in south Korea.
But Democratic Korea is not defenceless and this was seen in the first of two short films from north Korea that were screened at the meeting. The skill and determination of the Korean People’s Army was displayed in Arms of Korea while the superiority of the socialist system was seen in Pyongyang – City of Free Education.
A solidarity message was endorsed and support for a picket outside the US embassy in London called for at the close of the meeting.

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