Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Democratic Korea calls for peace

                 Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, outlines the DPRK’s call for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula in his New Year address on 1st January 2015.

 SEVENTY years have passed since our nation was divided by outside forces.
    In those decades the world has made a tremendous advance and the times have undergone dramatic changes, but our nation has not yet achieved reunification, suffering the pain of division. It is a deplorable fact known to everyone and it is lamentable to everyone. No longer can we bear and tolerate the tragedy of national division that has continued century after century.
    Last year we put forward crucial proposals for improved inter-Korean relations and national reunification and made sincere efforts for their implementation. Our efforts, however, could not bear due fruit owing to the obstructive moves by the anti-reunification forces within and without; instead the north-south relations have been on a headlong rush to aggravation.
    However complicated the situation may be and whatever obstacles and difficulties may stand in our way, we should unfailingly achieve national reunification, a lifetime wish of the President [Kim Il Sung] and the General [Kim Jong Il] and the greatest desire of the nation, and build a dignified and prosperous reunified country on this land.
    "Let the whole nation join efforts to open up a broad avenue to independent reunification in this year of the 70th anniversary of national liberation!" – this is the slogan of struggle the entire Korean nation should hold up.
    We should remove the danger of war, ease the tension and create a peaceful environment on the Korean peninsula.
    The large-scale war games ceaselessly held every year in south Korea are the root cause of the escalating tension on the peninsula and the danger of nuclear war facing our nation. It is needless to say that there can be neither trustworthy dialogue nor improved inter-Korean relations in such a gruesome atmosphere in which war drills are staged against the dialogue partner.
    To cling to nuclear war drills against the fellow countrymen in collusion with aggressive outside forces is an extremely dangerous act of inviting calamity.
    We will resolutely react against and mete out punishment to any acts of provocation and war moves that infringe upon the sovereignty and dignity of our country.
    The south Korean authorities should discontinue all war moves including the reckless military exercises they conduct with foreign forces and choose to ease the tension on the Korean peninsula and create a peaceful environment.
    The United States, the very one that divided our nation into two and has imposed the suffering of national division upon it for 70 years, should desist from pursuing the anachronistic policy hostile towards the DPRK and reckless acts of aggression and boldly make a policy switch.
    The north and the south should refrain from seeking confrontation of systems while absolutising their own ideologies and systems but achieve great national unity true to the principle of By Our Nation Itself to satisfactorily resolve the reunification issue in conformity with the common interests of the nation.
    If they try to force their ideologies and systems upon each other, they will never settle the national reunification issue in a peaceful way, only bringing confrontation and war.
    Though the people-centred socialist system of our own style is the most advantageous, we do not force it on south Korea and have never done so.
    The south Korean authorities should neither seek "unification of systems" that incites distrust and conflict between the north and the south nor insult the other side's system and make impure solicitation to do harm to their fellow countrymen, travelling here and there.
    The north and the south, as they had already agreed, should resolve the national reunification issue in the common interests of the nation transcending the differences in ideology and system.
    They should briskly hold dialogue, negotiations and exchanges and make contact to relink the severed ties and blood vessels of the nation and bring about a great turn in inter-Korean relations.
    It is the unanimous desire of the fellow countrymen for both sides to stop fighting and pave a new way for reunification by concerted efforts. They should no longer waste time and energy over pointless arguments and trifling matters but write a new chapter in the history of inter-Korean relations.
    Nothing is impossible if our nation shares one purpose and joins efforts. On the road for reunification the north and the south had got such charter and great programme for reunification as the 4th July Joint Statement, the historic 15th June Joint Declaration and the 4th October Declaration, thus demonstrating to the whole world the nation's determination and mettle to reunify the country.
    We think that it is possible to resume the suspended high-level contacts and hold sectoral talks if the south Korean authorities are sincere in their stand towards improving inter-Korean relations through dialogue.
    And there is no reason why we should not hold a summit meeting if the atmosphere and environment for it are created.
    In the future too, we will make every effort to substantially promote dialogue and negotiations.
    The entire Korean nation should turn out together in the nationwide movement for the country's reunification so as to glorify this year as a landmark in opening up a broad avenue to independent reunification.
    Last year, in the international arena, hostilities and bloodshed persisted in several countries and regions due to the imperialists' outrageous arbitrariness and undisguised infringement upon their sovereignty, which posed a serious threat to global peace and security.
    Especially, owing to the United States' extremely hostile policy aimed at isolating and suffocating our Republic, the bulwark of socialism and fortress of independence and justice, the vicious cycle of tension never ceased and the danger of war grew further on the Korean peninsula.
    The United States and its vassal forces are resorting to the despicable "human rights" racket as they were foiled in their attempt to destroy our self-defensive nuclear deterrent and stifle our Republic by force.
    The present situation, in which high-handedness based on strength is rampant and justice and truth are trampled ruthlessly in the international arena, eloquently demonstrates that we were just in our efforts to firmly consolidate our self-reliant defence capability with the nuclear deterrent as its backbone and safeguard our national sovereignty, the lifeblood of the country, under the unfurled banner of Songun.
    As long as the enemy persists in its moves to stifle our socialist system, we will consistently adhere to the Songun politics and the line of promoting the two fronts simultaneously and firmly defend the sovereignty of the country and the dignity of the nation, no matter how the international situation and the structure of relations of our surrounding countries may change. On the basis of the revolutionary principles and independent stand, we will expand and develop foreign relations in a multilateral and positive way, giving top priority to the dignity and interests of the country.
    Our Party and the government of our Republic will solidify in every respect the bond and solidarity with the world's progressive peoples who love peace and aspire after independence and justice, and strive to develop good neighbourly relations with all the countries that respect our national sovereignty and are friendly to us.
    No force in the world can check the advance of our army and people who are rushing forward like the blizzards of Paektu filled with rock-firm revolutionary faith and mettle of invincibility under the leadership of the great Party, and final victory undoubtedly belongs to us.
    Let us all staunchly strive to glorify this significant year as a year of great victories and revolutionary, auspicious events, rallied more closely behind the Party and singing aloud the march of final victory.
    Greeting the hope-filled NewYear 2015, I wish all the families across the country happiness.

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