Wednesday, 14 April 2010

London friends send solidarity message on Sun's Day

c/o 170 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LA.

April 8th 2010 (Juche 99)

Kim Jong Il
General Secretary, Workers’ Party of Korea
Chairman, DPRK National Defence Commission
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il,

On the auspicious occasion of Sun’s Day, celebrating the 98th anniversary of the day of the birth of the great leader President Kim Il Sung on April 15, we would like to convey to you and to the Korean people heartfelt greetings and congratulations. President Kim Il Sung was a great leader respected by progressive people throughout the world. He is cherished and loved as someone who dedicated his entire life and all his energies to the people’s cause. He was a revolutionary who welded the mass and revolutionary movements in Korea into an indivisible whole.

April 25th also marks the 78th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army. Since its founding by Comrade Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese war and under his leadership, the KPA has played a heroic role to ensure the success of the national liberation of Korea and of the socialist nation-building project.

Comrade Kim Jong Il, April 9th also marks the 17th anniversary of your election as Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission. Under your wise leadership and Songun policy, the Korean people are achieving unprecedented victories in strengthening the social system of their choice, and defending the DPRK’s independence against all the hostile threats of the imperialist powers. In so doing, the Korean people are inspired by your will and desire to serve humanity by building a strong and powerful nation, which is an indispensable and decisive force in the context of the people’s struggles worldwide to bring an end to war and aggression. We see today in your work to guarantee the Korean people’s unity and courageous defence of their homeland against the imperialists, the living legacy of Comrade Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary leadership.

We denounce all the provocations of the US imperialists and their instrument, the hostile regime in south Korea, to attempt to bring down the socialist system in the DPRK by force of arms and reverse the advances made to achieve national reunification. We reiterate our support of the struggle of the Korean people to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and a lasting peace based on justice. Despite the setbacks caused by reaction and retrogression, we are sure that the unanimous wish of the Korean people to peacefully reunify their homeland will come to fruition in the not-too-distant future. The Korean people who are responding to the necessities of the time, rising as one in a new revolutionary upsurge to build a prosperous nation under the Songun-based leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, are an inspiration to all the world’s progressive forces.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il, we wish you on this occasion the best of health and a long life. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the Korean people in our common cause of independence, socialism and a future fit for humanity.

adopted at the meeting celebrating the Day of the Sun, 2010
John Buckle Centre, London
Thursday, April 8th 2010

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